Vacancy Description

Due to an increase in High Tech projects, we are looking for a Mechanical Lead Engineer for a Development & Engineering department in Eindhoven or Nijmegen.

Position in the organization:• You report directly to the Group Leader• In the project you report to the System Architect and Project Manager

What will you be doing

• You are responsible to deliver a suitable technical design that is correct in terms of quality and/or a quotation, that meets the specifications requested within a specified time and budget.

• The responsibility for the design may concern a small complete machine or a module in a complex machine, and your involvement extends not only to project execution but also in the acquisition of projects.

• The System Lead Engineer works at a multidisciplinary level with several specialties and is in charge of the small and medium-sized multidisciplinary engineering teams (3-6FTE), where you functionally manage the design engineers.

• During the concept phase of the project you can use your creativity to devise solutions for the design and go from “what” to “how” and define with the system architect the technologies to use.

• You make a translation from the technologies involved in the solution to the disciplines needed in the team and support the project manager in drawing up the plan in acquistion of project (quotes) and execution.

• You interact with our manufacturing and assembly site to assure that the designs can be manufactured and assembled efficiently and at competitive costs.

• During project execution you oversee and ensure the creation of the required documentation of your module or machine.

• You maintain contacts with customers, partners, and suppliers, to ensure you have proper understanding of the challenges of our customers and the solutions we can provide in cooperation with our partners and suppliers.


Eindhoven or Nijmegen

What skills do you need

  • A completed master degree or equivalent experience in Mechanical Engineering, Physics or Electrical Engineering, preferably towards opto-mechatronic equipment
  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience.
  • Able to take leadership and function independently in a team.
  • Conceptual thinker with an eye for detail, creative


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